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Kellie S. – Mother of Emory. – Age 13

I was so proud that Emory was able to participate in such a positive and impactful program. BEMI placed Emory and the other girls and boys in the company of accomplished, positive, and knowledgeable adult mentors. Emory often commented on the various achievements of the mentors and other BEMI mentees such as authoring books of poetry, designing clothing lines, becoming motivational speakers, etc. Emory wants to become a successful entrepreneur/businessman and needs to see men and women who have achieved the same kinds of goals. BEMI was a vehicle for this kind of mentoring and modeling. BEMI also taught Emory valuable life skills that he will need to have meaningful relationships (professional and personal) and manage some of life challenges (i.e., negative peer pressure), how to be a team player, and make critical choices.

Jamie L. – Mother of Jayda F. – Age 15

Since my daughter has been  attending the BEMI Mentoring Program I have noticed some positive changes in her attitude.  The mentor had a unique way of breaking down each subject in a way that not only connected with the girls but also made them comfortable enough to open up and share their personal feelings.  This has been an extremely rewarding experience for both my daughter and myself.

Joy M. – Mother of Joi M. – Age 13

I will start by saying as a parent I see my daughter has an eagerness to come to the meetings.  I believe whatever the program is about it has a good impact on some teenage decisions.  I hope next year the program will continue to show them how to apply the values to their lives and how to mentor their friends.  I would also love to help volunteer in this effort.

Tiffany N. – Mother of Bianca J. – Age 13

BEMI Mentoring Program has been a very positive experience for Bianca.  It reminded me of my experience with Jack & Jill, Inc. as a child.  I think the ideas shared, the friendships gained and the mentoring were invaluable. In a society where the “It takes a village” mentality is diminishing.  It is refreshing to see an organization place an importance on embracing and inviting my daughter to become a part of community vision committed to self improvement.

Catrica S. – Mother of Tristen L. – Age 15

The BEMI Mentoring Program has allowed my daughter Tristen to fellowship with other girls that shared similar views. I really like that fact that Nicole is very “real” with the girls regarding life lessons she shared and learned from.  I believe it allowed Tristen and I to touch on topics we have not discussed yet in our home.  I am constantly talking to her about premarital sex and the consequences and we have not really touched much on debt and how It can impact you negatively until she told me about Nicole’s experiences as a young lady. I was reminded about my past experiences.  The program has been a blessing and I hope the girls develop a sister bond and continue to cultivate their friendships and will be examples to others their age.

Sherry N. – Mother of Shontanae – Age 15

Since Shontanae has begun with the Butterfly Effect Program, I’ve seen lots of improvement.  I feel that she possess a lot more self confidence and has become more secure with herself.  She is not easily influenced by her peers and no longer fears going against what they believe.  Shontanae now makes decisions based on what she thinks is best for her – not caring about what others may think or say.  The Butterfly Effect Mentoring Program has been a positive influence in Shontanae life and it has helped her grow in so many ways.