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Anomynous Mentee – Age 10

Before I came to BEMI, I has no self confidence.  The reason why was because of the way people treated me in elementary school. They made me feel like a nobody. They made me feel like I was not talented, smart or pretty, but whenever I got home my parents did tell me I was smart, pretty and talented but I did not believe them.  So the way I started to make people like me was to brag about my dad who played football.  I knew this would help me become popular. To me, popularity was the thing that made me think I was somebody.

That was the point when I started to lie and get a big head about things.  When everyone found out it was not true, they made me feel like a nobody again. Then I decided that I would hang out with the people who are popular and act like them.  When I started to do that they treated me like a flunky and pretended to like me but would talk about me behind my back.

Then, I was finally introduce to BEMI. When I got there, I still thought I had to be fake but then I realized they they didn’t like me because of what I had or what I looked like.  They didn’t like me because I was trying to act like something I was not. They accepted me the way I was.  That’s how BEMI built my self confidence!!!

Emory – Age 13

I had fun talking to other guys my age about things they understood. I liked being a part of the awards ceremony and having someone besides my parents to talk to about school and other stuff.

Tyrisha W. – Age 14

The Mentoring Program made me feel so happy inside & full of confidence.  It made me stronger.  It prove that I am talented, I am strong, I am brave.  I am ready to take on any challenges that comes my way.  It made me feel I can accomplish my goals

KK – Age 16

BEMI has helped me meet new people and build good friendships. It has taught me steps to reach my goals in life.  It gave me an opportunity to hear about different people lives and how what we see on the outside can be so different than what is happening on the inside of a person.  This was a great experience.

Chris – Age 12

I was inspired and empowered by the Men mentoring team every time I attended.

Jayda F. – Age 16

Although, I did not have the opportunity to attend as often as I would have liked, I was very inspired by the story of one of the speakers.  I felt very empowered after this particular meeting.

Bianca J. – Age 13

I learned that we should always  be ourselves and we can always talk to someone if we have problems.

E – Age 13

One of my best times at BEMI was when my Dad volunteer as a mentor for the day.  We had so much fun with the guys.  I learned that we should always  be ourselves and never give up on our dreams.

Tristan L. – Age 15

I like that we learned good moral values in both a verbal and hands on way.  I wish we could have met more times.

Brandon – Age 16

I like how BEMI allows you to express your individuality and creativity.

Bianca M. – Age 16

It was very inspiring and I learned a lot about our emotions.  I see how people can help you and be there.  There is so much more I learned and experienced  through the mentoring program.

Zoie M. – Age 14
I met a lot of new people. We had fun and learned at the same time. It taught me how to maintain a great life. Enjoy good food and be creative.

Amber – Age 10
The mentoring program had one very special teacher that I could talk to about the things I have been stuffing in my heart. I felt like I could not trust anyone until I came to BEMI.  I am so happy I found someone that I could talk to and get my feelings out.

Christopher M. – Age 14

I was not sure I would like coming to a mentoring program at first but BEMI turn out to be a really cool place.  They really know how to motivate and help you accomplish your goals and have fun at the same time.

Z – Age 9
To me the mentoring program means a better future – a better life

Bre’shea H. – Age 11
The Butterfly Effect taught me how to be a better person. I learned that it is not all about me.

Joi M. – Age 13
I learned a lot about what is right and wrong

Destiny – Age 16
I first want to thank GOD and my Foster parent for placing me in BEMI. It has giving me a new perspective on life and what my future holds.

Triniti H. – Age 11
It has helped my attitude toward people.

Shontanae A. – Age 15
Thank you all for everything you have taught me.

B – Age 16
The mentoring Program has allowed me to express myself and meet new people. It has been really fun.

Ariana B. – Age 16
BEMI taught me how to be a better me.