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Nicole Miller is the Founder of BEMI and CEO of NM Consulting Services.  She is also an author, writer, mentor and life coach.  She brings to BEMI a solid 18 year proven record of pouring into today’s generation –  hope, identity, love, vision, passion, purpose and the right tools to ensure success in every area of their lives.  She believes that today’s generation is special and unique and holds the keys to unlock a beautiful tomorrow.  They just need someone to show them where the master keys are and how to use them.  Her philosophy is “In order to Inspire, Empower, or Motivate, you must first Connect”. The BEMI Board members and mentors collectively brings over 25 years of experience that will equip this generation with the tools they will need to positively impact their environment and serve the needs of our communities with excellence.

Jamie Lumpford is BEMI’s VP of Operations and Director of Mentoring for our young ladies. She is currently a Corporate Business Continuity Manager for a Fortune 500 Company.  She brings to BEMI her commitment to affect positive change in the lives of our youth that in turn prompts them to be their very best in every facet of their lives.  She has worked with children of all ages for over 18 years through various local and civic organizations.  Another important aspect of her life is spending quality time with her husband and two children.

Hilton C. Young Sr. is BEMI’s Director of Mentoring for our young men.  Currently the CEO of Dissecting the Soul Ministries, he is also a student at the University of Phoenix pursuing a degree in Psychology.  Hilton has strong passion for knowledge, teaching, exhortation, writing, poetry, and a desire to see the hearts and minds of humanity freed and delivered from any kind of mental bondage that holds them captive. Hilton has ten years’ experience working with people of all ages in various capacities.

Tiffany Neal is BEMI Director of Marketing and Mentor for our high school mentees. She is a Realtor® and  Broker/Owner of Tiffany Neal & Co. Realty specializing in both Commercial & Residential Real Estate. She earned a Bachelor’s degree from Marquette University in Communication & Rhetorical Studies/Human Resource Management. Her passion is investing in our youth to ensure they are living a balanced life & spiritually grounded to enjoy their inheritance as our leaders of tomorrow.

Ann Kappel is BEMI Director of Finance and mentor for both our middle and high school mentees.  She holds an MBA, CMLC and PHD.  She is a self-employed financial advisor and adjunct professor.  Ann has more than eight years’ experience mentoring our youth in collaboration with different organizations.

Kendra Peters-Ross is a mentor for BEMI and focuses on empowering our elementary and middle school kids.  She graduated from Southern University A&M College with a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and is currently a Talent Acquisition and HR Project Manager at Essilor of America.  Kendra is dedicated in working with today’s youth and continues to press forward at her church, within her community and throughout various local organizations for over ten years, to understand the needs and challenges that our youth face today.  In addition, Kendra enjoys spending time with her husband and four children here in the Frisco area.

Amber Blackston is a mentor for BEMI and focuses on empowering our middle school kids.  She is a graduate of Texas Women’s University with a degree in Child Development.  She has a passion to see those in her generation and younger rise up and become all that God created them to be.  She has five years of experience of working with children.

Donel Hayes is a mentor for BEMI and has a passionate love for kids and young adults.  He believes children are our future leaders, presidents, artist, pastors and inventors and desires to utilize his life experiences and profession to change the way this generation views the world.  He lives by this statement written by one little known poet – “I might not change the world but I will surely spark a mind that does.”  He has three years of experience working with children.

Kellie Gray-Smith is a BEMI Mentor, Parent and Volunteer. She is also a licensed psychologist and a licensed specialist in school psychology (LSSP), a required Texas credential when working in the public schools. She has been a practicing psychologist in public schools for more than 10 years as an evaluator, consultant, counselor, interventionist, clinical supervisor, and Special Education administrator. I count it an honor and a privilege to pour into the lives of this and the next generation by partnering with  BEMI “Butterfly Effect Mentoring Institute”.  Together we are making a difference.

Candace Denton is a mentor for BEMI and has been working with Legendary Youth Ministry since 2006 as a small group leader.  She has completed a Masters’ Commission program including 2 years of seminary classes.  Candace desires to pastor young women who have come from a dysfunctional and broken pasts.  She has a passion to see our creator open their hearts and see His healing take place in not only their lives but their families.

Lolita Harris is a BEMI Board Member & Founder and Visionary of Healing Hearts Women Ministry.  She is also the owner of Heaven on Earth Hair Palace.  She has a heart to empower women of all ethnicities to overcome their past issues and step into their purpose and destiny.

Robert Miller is a BEMI Board Member and a native Texan.  He is also a professional Sales & Marketing Executive. Over the past 25 years he has passionately assisted everyday people pursue their passions and bring their dreams into existence.

Rosalyn Thomas is a BEMI Board member and a Customer Service Representative for a Fortune 100 Company.  She is extremely passionate about providing the tools needed to appropriately address and heal the hearts, minds, physical body, emotions and spirits of men, women and children in our community.  She has worked with children for over 25 years through various civic and local organizations.

La’Ron D. Harper is a BEMI Board Member and a graduate of East Texas State University with a BBA in Accounting and MIS.  She currently owns and operates a printing company.  She has 15 years of experience working with youth and young adults.  Her passion in life is to help others live a life of purpose coupled with their passions, gifts and talents to ensure they walk out their individual destiny.

Brenda Jackson is a BEMI Board Member and CEO, Owner of Beyond your Limits Magazine.  In addition, she has been a Corporate Executive Assistant in the telecommunications and hospitality industry for the last 25 years.  Her passion is to teach and equip this generation ancient kingdom principles that will help them be successful in every area of life. She has worked with the youth ages 10-18 years for the last seven years through various organizations.