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The Butterfly Effect Mentoring Institute (BEMI) has packaged a three volume mentoring curriculum series that can be deployed into your school mentoring program, business mentorship program, organization and/or church.  BEMI ability to partner and unify the common goals of our government, schools, communities, churches and local businesses has literally forged an opportunity to yield greater success both corporately and personally.


BEMI has a proven track record of effectively imparting sound methods and principles that provide individuals or teams with the applicable tools they need to accomplish their objectives.  By converging BEMI Mobile methodology, your organization will enhance your corporate and or personal goals and objectives.


The Butterfly Effect Transformation Team is offering one free consultation with your organization.  This consultation will assess the value and benefit of training as well as tips on how to incorporate, implement and deploy The Butterfly Effect Transforming One Person at a Time Mentorship Program in your organization. For more information, please contact us via email at