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Global Mission

The Butterfly Effect Transforming One Person at a Time transformation team has aligned itself with our creator Global Vision and Clarion Call to raise up a chosen and special generation.  Nicole Miller is housing a great vision and is pioneering a strategic outreach plan under the medium of mentoring which is equipping, enabling and empowering this and the next generation to be successful in every area of their lives (Intellectually, Physically, Emotionally, Socially and Spiritually).

The Butterfly Effect Transformation team represents a diverse group of ordinary people who is united and committed to impart proven kingdom success principles that will show each mentee how to connect their passions, dreams, frustrations and challenges with their obvious and hidden gifts and talents.  Thereby, empowering them to consistently build bridges of success in every area of their lives so they can influence and impact their environment, community, city, state, country, world and next generation for a lifetime.

Our presentation to this generation will function outside the box of traditional methods.  Our committment to align ourselves with our creator’s vision and unite our gifts, talents, time and resources has enable and empowered us to produce effective results, break every barrier, tap into another level, realm and deminsion of innovation, creation and demonstration.  Thus, resulting in the explosion and release of a new breed, a kingdom generation set apart to be used as fine tune instruments in the earth allowing GOD to house himself in us so He can showcase His Glory through us.